Our strength is to have a wide portfolio of special processes for machine-welded assemblies: thus integration capacity for an optimum response cycle and robustness of the service. The main OEMs and Tier-1s on the market have put their trust on our special processes then leading us today to be present on most of the relevant commercial engine programs.

Special Processes

We develop and manufacture engine components for different areas of the engine, both for cold and hot zones. Our components are in fact incorporated in the most relevant commercial engine programs and we are positioning on future main relevant ones.

Engine Components

We develop components for those systems that manage air flows for different uses servicing the aircrafts on flight. We work for the key players in this sector, both for aeroplanes and helicopters.

Equipment Components

We have a clear policy for technological investments in the most cutting-edge resources. We dedicate a large part of our activity to investigating new technologies and converting them into future realities.