Engine components

Engine components

We are present in different areas of the engine, both for the cold and the hot parts.
Our components are incorporated in the engines of the main commercial airplanes. Every 24 seconds an airplane bearing our components takes off.
Our processes and resources are equipped specifically for cutting-edge manufacturing of components for single-aisle, double-aisle and double-deck aircrafts programs.

Components that we currently manufacture

Casing fabricated vanes
Structural axial components for casings
Shrouds and airfoil seals assemblies
Brazed fabricated components with honeycomb structure for dynamic and static sealing  
Radial structural parts
Fabricated components for radial structures
Support Kit Engine
Fabricated fairing supports
Rings and virols
Revolution profiled components for engine structures
Brackets and externals
External engine parts for supporting and configuration, brackets, ducts, etc.

We also manufacture other components as:

Stabilizing wings
Components that drive the directional stability on propelled air systems
Nozzle exhaust petals
Components that build-up the nozzle exhaust system for military engines
Nacelles and Thrust reversers
Fabricated components for nacelles and engine thrust reversers systems

Engine programs where we are