Our commitments

Our commitments

Long term commitment to our customers

At WEC we are all committed to long-term strategic integration with our customers, there is no doubt that this is our approach at the very forefront of our vision for business.
Throughout the decades of our history we have been recognised in the sector for our proximity to the strategies of our customers and for acting as a trustworthy, sustained partner on a long term basis.

Commitment to the global competitiveness of our service

Our outmost level of commitment enables us to offer our customers a service with the appropriate quality and in time with their requirements. Therefore, since our inception we have had a Quality Management System endorsed in 2004 by the standard EN 9100.
At the same time, in order to respond to the expectations of the key players in the aerospace industry in terms of special processes, we have deployed an extensive qualification policy for each one according to the Nadcap reference. This is a clear commitment to our strength on developing robust manufacturing processes.
This extremely cutting-edge sector in which we work operates in a completely globalized market, in fact a challenging demand for an integrated high-performance service. This is why we are committed to promoting efficient management that ensures that our customers receive their products when they are needed, and meeting all their quality requirements.
Our strictness in putting the acquired commitments into practice is what makes our well-established reputation possible, providing a wide range service with a competitive global cost of ownership. At the end this special footprint is highly valued by our customers.

Commitment to reducing our environmental footprint

Any action in the daily operations of our business generate an impact on the environment. Such varied aspects like heating systems, emissions, the chemical products used or the efficiency in the consumption at facilities make up, in essence, a unique WEC environmental footprint.
From the beginning we have adopted a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, and contributing in the same manner to that of our customers. Therefore, we have established a solid environmental management system based on industry standards. A clear example of this vision is the commitment to constructing new facilities in order to obtain a Class A eco-efficiency level.
We want to go even more deeply in our approach, to contribute even more to the environmental sustainability in our sector. According to this, we are adapting our management system in order to be certified according to the ISO 14001 standard, the world benchmark to follow.